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. turn your clocks back one hour tonight. that is it for "washington journal." a new edition comes at 7:00 tomorrow morning. >> through the election day, what our coverage of the presidential candidates and key senate and house and governor races. after an overview of the 2012 senate races, we will show you the maine senate race debate. >> a senior analyst for the rothenberg her campaign has completely retooled. she reinvents herself. she has had some good television ads. murphy is making up the advantage where it needs to be. she is open a case like, but not a huge leak that democrats would like in connecticut. -- lee that democrats would like in connecticut -- lead that democrats would like in connecticut. north dakota is an interesting one. it is one that if democrats have not gotten the right candidate, we would not be talking about it being as competitive. the democrat gets rave reviews on the trail. burke found himself under water for a bruising campaign for the house. he had to remake his image say why. he got an early -- early -- he had to remake his image state why. -- statewid
of their property, shot at, intimidated by criminal organizations. they are asking for help. washington is in denial about the threats occurring in texas. our federal agents, our dea, our texas department of public safety and sheriffs and deputies are doing an admirable job with everything that they have to protect our sovereignty and landowners. when washington is in denial, it sends the wrong message. >> congressman, you have had news conferences in laredo. there is more boots on the ground. there is more money. your brother is a sheriff. what is going on on this side of the border? is it as bad as the commissioner says? >> let me thank you. i appreciate you for allowing us to be here. thank you to todd staples. we were in appropriations in the state house. we are good friends. we will come up with solutions. the american public is frustrated with people pointing fingers and saying one side is not as good as the other side. todd and i will come up with ideas at the end of this conversation. washington is not in denial. you thank the border patrols, the ice agents. we are seeing more deportations t
thing now the election is over, hopefully we will have a moment in washington where the lead 76ers will come together and the issues of fiscal policy, job creation and education and immigration and energy, that is no longer the looming issue of we have a re-election. that is done. barack obama has run his last campaign. you have a divided government. the one mandate the american people are sending is a mandate to work together which is focused on us. do not focus on what divides you as politicians, focus on us. i don't offer misplaced optimism often. when you are in washington you can get pessimistic really quick. but i think there is a pathway on immigration reform, a long-term debt reduction deal. continued education reform. that is really the test to the president and lead 76ers in the senate and the house. can they come together post election. for a period of time put your needs and the needs of the country first. i have a great deal of confidence that we will do that. [applause] >> thank you for having me back. it is great to be back at the university of delaware and thank yo
:00. >> it the price of peace in washington is cutting a deal that six students of the financial aid or gets rid of funding for planned parenthood are let's insurance companies discriminates against those with pre-existing conditions, i am not going to make that deal. i will fight against that deal. that is a price and not willing to pay. that is not bipartisanship. that is surrendered to the status quo that has heard too many families. >> is in the power of the american people to choose their own future. we know what we need to know. you can stay on the path of the last four years where you can change. -- last four years or you can make real change. the president will still be unable to work with the people in congress. he has ignored them. he has attacked them. the debt ceiling will come up again and shutdown and default will be threatened. the president was right when he said he cannot and washington from the inside. at this case you can take him at his word and we will put him outside sing. >> victory in concession speeches from key congressional and senate seats around the country. plus you
to in washington. i want to say a word about tim kaine. we had the highest honor anybody could be accorded from the people of virginia to serve as governor. i also have the opportunity to serve virginia in the united states senate. now tim kaine will have the opportunity. i have called him and congratulated him. we tried to which the campaign on ideas and issues and reforms we feel would be best for virginia and america. we still remain friends personally. i congratulated him and i pledge my cooperation and support has the and shakes the sullom task of representing the people of virginia during a very difficult times in our nation's history. we have not succeeded in winning this election. many folks helping out in this campaign. each of you should hold your heads high. we honestly and vigorously advocated our principles and offered a clear vision for the future. creating jobs and a competitive tax system, and powering education, reasonable at it -- policy. offered a pro freedom path to fiscal responsibility for our nation. the best way to preserve the peace is the strength. we also call for unl
from this morning's "washington journal." don >> he is still resolute in the face of defeat. >> not to see you. sometimes you win. sometimes you lose. >> this is tough. he is a close contender. he has given credit for getting george bush elected in 2000. bbthe supreme court nominated george bush in 2000. since he has been in the white house has been brought about everything. he spent $300 million this year of other people's money. we do not know how much money he made for that deal. in nine senate races he got one win. he has spent maybe $170 million against barack obama and for mitt romney. he had a horrible record. on election night he tried to recreate florida 2000 on fox news by insisting that the network fox was wrong to in calling the election for president obama. the number crunchers said, no, you are wrong. he made a fool of himself. still today he insists he is right. i would hope that nobody would give that guy a dollar to spend in any future election. i think his career in politics should be over. not that i feel strongly about this, but he also has this enormous
calls as well "washington journal ."shington, we will see you then. [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2012] >> next, a discussion on the future of u.s. diplomacy. after that, a forum on the effectiveness of al-qaeda in yemen. >> a former state department officials from the obama and george w. bush administration's discuss public diplomacy in a tough budget in vermont. the discuss the effectiveness of student exchange programs and government-backed broadcasting outlets, like "voice of america." the george washington school of international affairs hosted this event tuesday. this is an hour and 45 minutes. >> that is public diplomacy in action. [laughter] i'm a professor here at gw and the director of the institute for public policy and global communication. you can find us on twitter @ip dgc. we're also on facebook. we're hosting a conversation on twitter about this event,, hashtag ipdgc. what i will do to get as a rolling here is give a brief introduction and bio for our great panel here, and then get going into
near where the republicans were in 2008. host: the annual crystal ball contest from "the washington post." jim cramer, predicting that mitt romney will get 98 electoral votes, the president, 440? he is the only one predicting a landslide for the president. guest: he is the only one predicting that. i am a democratic partisan, i would love to see that, but i do not think it will be close to that. host: only two are predicting that mitt romney will win, the other 11 saying that barack obama will get a second term. guest: the perception of looking at these polls is very interesting. we released our own poll today with a different side between the candidates. there was an indication that it would lean towards mitt romney by a point or two, especially if they look at the model on the battleground. i think that the real question is, where is the electoral college going to go? everyone is making a guess at this point. ohio is up in the air, wisconsin is up in the air. certainly of those three, off three could go to mitt romney, off three to go to obama, that will be the difference in the e
tease. he's the courage and tenacity to stand up to washington's reckless spending. he's the type of special that we need to restore fiscal discipline and champion job creation. if you ask me, america can expect great things from this man in the years to come. ladies and gentlemen, please give a warm iowa welcome to senator marco rubio. [applause] >> thank you. thank you. thank you. thank you very much. so this thing beeps like that, i don't know what that means. cut it off, right? i'm really honored to be here. thanks for having me and governor for inviting me. i'm still new enough to be amazed that people so far from florida even care what i have to say. i'm glad to be back in this part of the country. you may not know this but i was here in this part of the country earlier in my life in 1989 and 90 i came to a small school. they're not around. it's not my fault but they're not. okay. maybe someone is not happy that college is not around but people ask me why did you go there? what brought you to northwest missouri. it was the only school in america that would allow me to play f
. that is coming up tomorrow on "washington journal." you will be able to see that program live here at 7:00 a.m. eastern time. >> coming up on c-span, colin powell and sam mcchrystal talk about how veterans are treated when they return from war. following that, a discussion with supreme court justice anthony kennedy. and then a look at marriage equality and voters approval of the initiatives on the balance this election year -- ballots this year. >> with soldiers on guard outside the customs house and outside the homes of crown officials and with british artillery now aimed at the house, it is easy to understand why many bostonian felt threatened. soldiers tried to stir up racial tension. of course, not everyone in boston is white. within a month of their arrival, three british officers are discovered encouraging african american slaves in boston to attack their white masters. one of those drunken officers assured the black bostonians that the soldiers had come to procure their freedom. with their help, they should be able to drive the liberty boys to the devil. the british army is not in bos
with the golden resume, rob portman, who has done a just about every other job in washington may run for the republican senatorial committee job in two years, which would allow him to regroup. he did not become vice president. he still harbors presidential ambitions. he is only 57. and so, if he wants to start building up a base he could do worse than do the same thing we talked about gillibrand doing -- recruiting candidates, get them elected. they are beholden to him. life goes on. >> it is worth noting, too, that the one constitutional officer, president of the senate, vice president of the united states joe biden has not ruled it out. >> great copy from us. when he left his polling place when a reporter asked, is it the last time -- it's sort of assumes -- i guess it is the last time you will ever get a chance to vote for yourself. and he said, i don't think so. it is interesting. very interesting. open -- >> "the new york times" had an article calling the other fiscal cliff as foreign policy. the shake up on the foreign relations committees -- three of the chair and a ranking me
stumbling block to real change in washington is the total resistance to admitting the country is broke. this has made compromising just to agree to increase spending inevitable because neither side has any intention of cutting spending. the country will remain a divisive since there is nothing left to divvy up. without this, spenders will continue to march toward a fiscal cliff much bigger than anticipated in january. i have thought a lot about why those of us who believe in liberty as a solution have done so poorly in convincing others of its benefits. if this is what we claim it is, the principle that protects social economic decisions necessary for national prosperity and the best chance for peace should be an easy sell, that history has shown the masses have resented the promises of authoritarian, of which are rarely if ever fulfilled. should we have a authoritarianism or liberty? if the authoritarianism leads to poverty or war or less freedom for individuals or is controlled by special interest, the people should be begging for liberty? there certainly was a strong incentive for f
, in washington, d.c., republicans have reached out to president obama in the hope of working together to help our economy grow and solve the debt that threatens our children's future. the clock is ticking. one month from now, unless congress and the president take action, the current tax rates will would expire and we will experience the largest tax increase in u.s. history. amid so much economic suffering, raising taxes would have a devastating impact on our economy. we cannot let this happen. republicans believe this is an opportunity to finally solve problems thatwill washington has ignored. whether it is the tax code or entitlement programs that are on a path to bankruptcy, no more short-term mandates or excuses. we can do this right. we can pass on our children and economy of growth and opportunity and government that empowers all businesses and stays out of their way. a country in which everyone has a shot at the american dream. republicans are ready and eager to get to work. we hope president obama is as well. america is a country whose people can do anything and whose leaders can envision
in washington, d.c. i would visit schools and talk to teachers. after i was elected for the first time in 1993, i would go to school and see a couple of these bright eyed kids in some of these low income communities. troubled, challenge neighborhoods. troubled, challenged schools. i said, what is that kid's story? the teacher would tell me. the kid seemed to be so energetic, so bunch potential. -- so much potential. a couple years later, i hear he got dropped out. that kid never could read. it struck me when i looked at the negative social indicators in washington, d.c. -- similar to other countries around the country -- all the negative social stuff was directly related to the lack of education. 90% of the inmates in d.c. were high-school dropouts. in terms of homelessness, joblessness, drug addiction -- there are statistics out there now that if we increase the high-school graduation rates in this country by 10%, we reduce the murder rate by 20%. all of these indicators show that there is nothing more important than education. i became passionate about this. even today, 15 or 19 years later,
for people below the targets. it seems like there's got a lot of willingness and enthusiasm in washington for respecting those folks. >> the 2% cap -- half of the money would come from people above $250,000, the other half would come from the rest of the population. it would produce about as much revenue from the top as going back to the pre-bush tax rates for that group. it will produce more revenue overall. it would cover the entire population. rex it would violate the president's pledge. -- > >> it would violate the president's plans. if you try to carve out a charitable contributions to mitigate the impact, the revenue number will start to fall substantially. my point is not that this is not a desirable thing to do although i think there are better ways of scaling back tax expenditures in moving towards credits. we are sort of at that moment. it is like that falls -- first moment in meetings with i would go to the hill and it was happy talk about tax reform. it gets harder at the two consequences become more apparent to the special interests. rex the president has repeatedly said high
did not get to ask their questions, come up informally. >> tomorrow on "washington journal," a former navy seal talks about federal efforts to combat the growing national security threat. the president of the american federation of teachers discusses union by richard priorities and the negotiations to avert the so-called fiscal cliff. and michael lyons of the german national security project talks about a possible review of the military drum strategy. live on "washington journal" at 7:00 a.m. eastern. >> what about if the soviet union, a christian of announces tomorrow, which i think he will that if we attack cuba that it is going to be nuclear war? >> this thing is such a serious thing that we are going to be uneasy, and we know what is happening now. something may make these people see reason, but i do not think this will. i want to keep my own people very alert. >> hang on tight. >> it is a fascinating moment. it is amazing that eisenhower tells him to have his people alert. everyone is just completely on edge, so of course they are alert. kennedy laughed, and he jocularly says to
in washington in the next month. host: this so-called fiscal cliff -- you said the tax cuts should expire. what would be the impact of tax cuts expiring for the middle- class and others? guest: look, this election was about how we recreate andry imagine the american dream for those who want to be in the middle-class and those who want a broad and middle-class. of course it would hurt if -- that is part of the reason why they talked about it as a real deadline. we need to maintain the middle- class tax cuts. we need to maintain a balanced approach. what the movement is trying to do is push at that, make sure there is a safety net for medicare, for social security, for medicaid, making sure those investments in our future like education and infrastructure -- finding some of the revenue to do that, which is why we are pushing for the expiration of the bush tax cuts for the wealthy, those over a quarter of a million dollars. >> here are the numbers to call -- sequestration, these scheduled cuts that will take place unless congress and the white house act, would mean an 8.2% cut in most department o
a mechanism to enforce the discipline. my worry is, you read the washington post report and, frankly, the people doing the negotiations on both sides do not know the basics. starting with the fact that you need one piece of paper, not competing pieces of paper. i would be worried about -- if these people just talked to each other as opposed to negotiating and pontificating on their positions, the president will be very tempted to let the tax cuts expire, it is not sustainable because of the alternative minimum tax and other things. that is a gutsy, given the state of the economy, and people need to be prepared for it. >> let's talk about the rest of the world. we want to ask the ceo's in the room where you are investing in 2013 and in which regions, latin america, asia, africa. we will put up the answer as soon as it comes in. let's start talking about your global growth out looks. robert? >> the striking thing -- you can call me bob -- >> sorry. >> over the past five years, two-thirds of it has come from developing countries, and as recently as the 1990's those numbers would have be
and foreign-aid the pollard described? there was a proposal in washington in 2009, early 2010 to combine the development, diplomacy and defense budgets together and allow the administration to move that money so that your initial instinct would not necessarily be a military solution to every problem. of course, it ran up immediately against congressional committees that are responsible for certain budgets, but also a concern about whether that would affect the mix in a way many people in washington were not comparable with, and the idea died. i think it is time -- comfortable with, and the idea died. i think it is time to bring it back. >> on afghan, the point i would add is, you think about the investment we made. you make a point about the commitment of strategy. i think back to the time when i was in the bush administration, and one of the constant questions was will you be with us for the long haul? will you be with us? it runs up against sentiment in the united states in terms of the american public at large. my personal view, and maybe it is not a broader one in the sense of the am
at the washington post. mark, janet and chanel have set the stage for discussion. you have heard from mark. next to market is joel packer, a noted authority on federal education policy. to his left is michael fauntroy, a professor of privilege -- public policy at george mason university. we have just heard from janet murguia from the national council of la raza. with that, mr. packer, the microphone is yours. >> thank you for having me on the panel. i appreciated and i am unearned to be with my colleagues here. a couple of things about the reagan group. -- raven group. it is a public relations firm. the majority of our clients are progressive, non-profit organizations. our firm is committed to enhancing the ideals of the broad range of the progress of community. personally, i do education policy. i work for the national education association and have worked with them for 25 years. i have been doing policy for 35 years. i would like to talk about some of the challenges we are facing. we are facing a lot of challenges. we will talk most about the challenges we face from the congress and a whole se
will be steve collins, the impresario of washington ideas. >> a thank you. >> thank you all for joining us. armed washington editor at large at "the atlantic." howant to chtell you amazing this is. this is one of three times that they have allowed an outside group, the other happening to be president of the united states and onetime madeleine albright coming in to do with teleconference. this is the third time they have opened this upper for a during the day session. this is a great partnership and i want to think the museum for doing this. i have got a friend hear some more. he was the founder of circuit city and he has just written a book called the rise and fall of circuit city. to some degree, they are uncomfortable truth is when you think about nations, companies. of there certainly rise and fall stories. political campaigns are really lousy times to think about the hard truth of what is happening. one of the hard truth about our panel is that we are five white guys. we try to figure out how to divvy this up. we're four tall guys and dog. we are very aware of this. for all of you to e
decided kind of individually. i read the numbers of the status crowe, but i think the those in washington is very different, that a rising republican tide was turned back. democrats are more firmly in control. lessons have been learned from the first four years, maybe. no more mr. nice guy. >> can you expand on that in the fiscal clip and some of the policies? >> i want to look ahead to the future. i do not have a good clear crystal ball here. i think these are all things to be determined. the barack obama reach out to republicans? starting with romney, but really the leadership and some of the key players whom he might be able to work with in a bipartisan way, say john mccain. there are house members and senators. does he reach out? secondly, legislation. does the government from the center out? does the governor from the base over to try to get a majority? on the republican side, how do they respond if obama reaches out? i think he will realize with the the test booklet facing us that he has to do something. how do republicans respond not have as much mcconnell responded? -- how do repu
. >> i am proud of the record we have established in washington, d.c. my opponent talks about extremism. when i left the declaration of independence, our country was established and limited government, fiscal responsibility, individual sovereignty, a vibrant free market and strong national defense. that is been the essence of what i've done. i am upset that we did not get a chance to talk about foreign policy and national security that is very threatening. we talked about which we did not talk about how to improve our military and take care of our veterans, but that is my commitment to the country that i have had in 20 digit for 22 years in uniform, and a commitment not -- i have had for 22 years in uniform, and a commitment that i take seriously. >> thank you representative that is more focused on job creation, not headlines. my background is exactly what we need to put our country back on track. i will focus on protecting the promise to our seniors and strengthening the pillars of middle-class, including medicare and medicaid, and not constantly demonizing them. my opponent called 80
captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2012] >> next, "washington journal" than grover norquist and live at 11:00 a.m., president and mrs. obama take part in veterans day ceremonies at arlington national cemetery. >> i need some help over here -- >> where is sergeant robert gates today? >> we ended up following him after his plane ride for many months. he ended up entering himself into an innovative program at walter reed where they ended up using acupuncture and using meditation and using other techniques to wean them off of all the drugs he was on. through this program, he was able to walk out of walter reed on his own two feet. i really commend the military for two things -- for allowing us to tell this story both of the good and the bad but for recognizing this problem. they recognize there is a problem of over-medication and they're looking for outside the box ideas and how to fix it. that is sort of poll thesis of the film. the metaphor is that the status quo is not working any to start looking for outside the box ideas. >> more on this piece -- tonig
to proceed. will you know what recommendations command in afghanistan has made to washington about the task that u.s. forces may be needed to perform beyond 2014, i'm specifically talking about force levels, whether they are maintaining at 68,000? whether they should be gradually drawn down or stay there until 2014? what is -- you know what those recommendations are? >> sir, i have not been included in those conversations. >> that's interesting to me. a guy that is going to take over the command has not even been included in those conversations. do you feel prepared to assume these responsibilities? >> senator, i do feel prepared to assume these responsibilities. >> you have no impressions or ideas as to whether on the troop drawdown issue between now and 2014? >> sir, i think i have an understanding of the framework within which that decision ought to be made? i have an understanding of the most important variables that should be considered. >> so you are a blank slate? do you believe that any strategy in afghanistan can be successful while militants continue to enjoy safe haven in pakista
to see. i am fascinated by the process in washington right now. we are covering it intensely. if there is one thing that stood out for me in covering the election, it was not so much the two different sides of america. the was not so much two different sides of america. those extremes are way out there. most americans are pretty reasonable. almost all americans are sick and tired of this fighting in washington. they want some kind of agreement to be reached, even to show us they can work together. we look for that as americans in our government. figure it out. figure it out together. all of those things are mixed into the same story. in the next three months, the lame duck, which is not very lame duck, congress figures things out. it will be very interesting to see how it is dealt with. >> we have time for one more question all the way in the back. >> this better be good. >> i am a junior. my roommate is a firefighter. even though he is on call, he always has a schedule. crazy news could happen at any time do you know any other journalists were this call ith ? >> we all go th
in this economy. >> washington, the nation, the world can breathe a sigh of relief. the likelihood of a recession if we default has been averted, but we have a lot more to do. we have a lot more work to do. as leader reid and durbin mentioned, there were a lot of things we did like, making sure that no benefits in medicare and social security were cut. it is now time for congress to get back to our vote regularly scheduled programming, and that means jobs. washington has been consumed with the fault and our nation's unemployment problem has been worsening and it is time to move back jobs to the front burner. with this debt reduction package, the debt is now clear for a single-minded focus on jobs in september by removing the threat of default and proving that both parties can come together to get our deficits under control. we have provided certainty in the credit markets. the wrangling over spending should be greatly reduced in coming months. we have a chance to turn away from budget battles and reset the debate. the jobs issue, will have to play second fiddle to the deficit issue anymore, and t
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